Proud Owners of the Community

POC Mag was created as an ongoing celebration of entrepreneurs and leaders of color, and their contributions to our regionsí economy, and culture.


The magazine follows, documents and accelerates the impact of these trailblazing individuals. It brings attention and appreciation to the variety in our social and cultural backgrounds, and the exciting opportunities which arise when we come together.


It also serves as a business and community network that allows us to find and collaborate with each other and to communicate our presence to a wider audience of potential customers.




Our magazine contains stories and information about businesses and individuals in our region that are making a difference in their own and others lives. While the website acts as a constantly updated portal that showcases to our readers the latest news, current events and opportunities.


While reading our magazine or scrolling through our website you are introduced to a myriad of services, products, entertainment and culture. Articles include topics like fashion and beauty, health and wellness, travel and art and of course, business. You can read interviews with local and national entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives sharing their stories. Editorials like these ensure we keep our content fresh, unique and intriguing, turning each issue of the publication into a much anticipated and desired piece.

The First Of Many Planned

POC Mag is just the first of many publications that are now being planned for creation by Nebula Publishing.


Nebula The Magazine is currently in design and is a planned luxury lifestyle magazine meant to be both informative and thoroughly enjoyable. A publication for achievers, those who have made it and those who still dream it and live it every day.


Currently being developed under the project name "Midwest Tech" is a publication and web portal to highlight the developing tech industry in the midwest region. A perfect example of the reason we chose to develop our publishing outlet, this idea came about after speaking with so many about the lack of tech educational opportunities in the Twin Cities area. The magazine and site will feature tech companies - established and start up - and up and coming projects in development in the area.




POC Mag 002 Now In Design

POC Mag 002 is already in design and filling up fast with editorials and ads. After our first issue met our target of 100 pages right out of the gate, we see issue 002 being even bigger and containing more interesting stories.


We will be keeping a running update of the planned editorials and features in our Magazine section as the publication starts to fill out. A number of these features will be requested by our readers and may become regular in the magazine and on our site.


The new online issue will be available on Friday June 14th, 2024.


370 Wabasha Street North

Saint Paul, MN 55102

  612.388.4990   c.stevens@nebulathegroup.com